Q&A: A First Look at the Rosetta In-Store Customer Engagement Solution

At next week’s Demandware XChange event in Las Vegas, the Rosetta team is unveiling the latest iteration of Rosetta ICE, our In-Store Customer Engagement solution. This new, tablet-based engagement platform creates some really interesting opportunities for store associates to better engage with customers in the retail store environment. Rosetta ICE adds a significant new technology accelerator to the Engagement Engine, which drives engagement and contextual marketing across channels.

I talked with Paul Elliott, EVP of Marketing & Innovation at Rosetta, and Michael Lehto, the lead Creative Engineer on the project, to get a sneak peek into the solution functionality.

Paul will be publicly unveiling Rosetta ICE during XChange at his session, Connecting Your In-Store and Digital Ecosystems – Unveiling a Complete In-Store Customer Engagement Platform for Demandware, on Wednesday, April 15, from 1-1:20 PM PDT.

What exactly does Rosetta ICE do?

Paul: Rosetta ICE is a first-of-its-kind In-Store Customer Engagement platform that goes well beyond the simple order management capabilities of most competing solutions in the marketplace. Instead, Rosetta ICE enables store associates to access and utilize deep consumer insights, engagement and order history, recommended products, and many other Demandware-driven capabilities to better understand, predict and serve in-store customers.

What types of brands is this most useful for?

Paul: Rosetta ICE can be customized for many uses and types of businesses, but the biggest impact will likely be realized by retailers with the need for high-touch sales associates who can further enhance the shopping experience by providing insight and support throughout the shopping journey.

What are some of the most differentiating and compelling features?

Michael: As Paul mentioned, most of the clienteling solutions out there today are of the order management variety. Our key differentiating point is a solution that goes beyond simple ordering capabilities by providing deep insight into customer behavior and preferences. The sales associate has secure access to an enhanced customer profile that highlights key interaction points for which to better engage the customer and provide cross-sell/upsell capabilities. When interacting directly with the customer, the associate can also switch to a “co-shopping” mode in which the two can search and browse products together, review past purchases, and complete the purchase process from anywhere in the store. For new customers, associates armed with Rosetta ICE can even create a new on-the-fly profile driven by a few key questions that help define the customer’s segment to enhance future interactions.

The other big differentiator is our ability to integrate Rosetta ICE with the other key platforms in retailers’ technology ecosystems – whether that be their content management system or CRM platform. We think that is really critical to building a truly omni-channel solution.

From a technical standpoint, how much customization is required to get this working and integrated with an existing commerce platform?

Michael: That really depends on what a particular client has in place within their online and in-store offerings. By design, the Rosetta ICE solution is intended to easily connect to key systems, such as POS, eCommerce, and CRM.

From a technical standpoint, the Rosetta ICE solution has a platform-agnostic service layer to the back-end systems that abstracts out the retrieval and usage of product and customer data so that any front-end solution can more easily utilize it. Of course, there is always some customization needed within those back-end systems to tweak things like profiles to enable certain clienteling functions. For example, not all retailers may capture an SMS phone number as part of a customer profile, but that may be an important piece of information used in-store to perform two-step validation via SMS text to authenticate the identity of the customer. Cases such as this are good examples of how we work with the retailer to identify what information is needed and a plan for capturing that seamlessly as part of the customer engagement strategy.

Screenshots of Rosetta ICE

Here is a sneak peek of some differentiating elements of the experience mentioned by Paul and Michael.

Store Associate Home Screen Example

From a home screen, the associate can identify known customers in the store, launch co-shopping sessions or search for customer profiles. Customer identification via proximity technology (beacons and/or Wi-Fi) allows store associates to know when high value customers are in-store.


Customer Support Screen Example

Customers are able to easily request help from a store associate from their mobile app, which then notifies the store associate of the request and the location within the store the help request came from.


Enhanced Security Screen Example

Touch ID technology gives store associates quick access to customer information while maintaining security.


Customer Dashboard Screen Example

Utilizing deep consumer insights, consisting of both segmentation and past behavioral data, the associate is able to personalize and enhance all aspects of the engaged shopping experience.


Co-Shopping Screen Example

As part of the co-shopping experience, the store associate is able to help the customer refine clothing options and get real-time updates on sizes and availability, then easily complete the purchase or ship to the customer’s home.


Customer Order History Example

A highly engaging timeline of customer purchase history enables the associate to understand what types of products the customer likes, helping with product lookup and personalized recommendations.


Purchase Screen Example

The entire purchase process (of both in-stock and endless aisle inventory) can be completed seamlessly by the Rosetta ICE platform, attributing the sale to a specific store associate and eliminating the typical customer frustration of waiting in line at the POS.



If you have questions about Rosetta ICE, feel free to contact Paul Elliott at Paul.Elliott@Rosetta.com.

For more facts and figures on the value of Customer Engagement, download the Rosetta Consulting white papers:

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