Rosetta Partners with Marin Software to Drive Strategic Growth for Advertisers

Rosetta/Marin Case Study

As part of Rosetta’s ongoing mission to drive measurable results for our clients, we regularly perform a thorough evaluation of marketing campaign management platforms. These tools help Rosetta team members efficiently manage paid media programs (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.), while providing our clients with quantifiable performance improvement lifts, such as improved click-through-rates, conversion rates and return on investment.

Since 2011, Rosetta has continually selected Marin Software as the tool best equipped to support and scale both our teams’ and clients’ needs. Rosetta strives for a fine level of granularity and personalization within our paid media programs, and Marin helps our teams enable this by providing unmatched levers to drive performance optimizations. A new case study from Marin Software highlights some of the benefits that Rosetta team members and clients have realized through the Rosetta/Marin partnership, including:

  • Efficient cross-channel campaign management, enabling increased time spent on strategic initiatives
  • Effective ad copy management across engines through advanced scheduling and testing features
  • Optimal visibility and ROI for client programs using Marin’s patented bidding algorithms
  • Increased KPI performance:
    – 10% decrease in CPCs
    – 23% increase in conversion rate
    – 27% increase in investment by Rosetta clients due to higher performance with Rosetta programs

The full case study is available via Marin Software’s website, here:

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