The Intersection Of Content And Commerce: A Connector For The Empowered Age

Consumer demand has changed dramatically in today’s omni-channel digital marketplace. Empowered consumers require compelling experiences that blend inspiration, education, sharing and shopping with a consistent message that builds customer loyalty. Real-time, agile engagement is critical, driving the demand for web content management and commerce systems to interact seamlessly with the consumer from the point of research to purchase, across all channels.

Content management systems traditionally focus on delivering a personalized and contextually relevant brand experience to consumers, while commerce systems focus primarily on the buy transaction, providing typical commerce functions to drive conversion. These silos are no longer acceptable, as they often lead to an inconsistent and conflicting brand message. True success is amplified by brands that cohesively connect content and commerce to deliver a consistent consumer experience.

Today’s most innovative brands are able to integrate the best-in-class capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager with IBM’s WebSphere Commerce platform, and shorten the path from consideration to purchase. Rosetta’s solution, the Connector, gives enterprise e-commerce retailers a single tool to manage the digital brand experience across all channels and devices.

Tools like these provide a seamless integration of the WCS catalog, cart, promotions and pricing into the AEM authoring tools. The Connector allows commerce and marketing users to manage content and commerce sites using readily available digital content to increase relevance and impact to the customer experience, as well as meet the complex demands of e-commerce retailers.

If you plan to attend the Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Tampa during May 12-15, we welcome the opportunity to further discuss how content and commerce should intersect in today’s empowered age. Stop by Rosetta’s booth, located at P-1, for a preview of our proprietary technology solution. We look forward to seeing you there!

This article originally published at IBM Smarter Commerce.

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