Google AdWords Offers Organic + Paid Keyword Insights

Long coveted as the “holy grail” of Search Engine marketing, Organic + Paid keyword level query insights are now available via the Google AdWords interface. This new tool provides search query data when Pay-Per-Click Search (PPC) ads and/or organic listings appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP.) While slices of this data were available via various sources in the past, this is the first time that the Organic and Paid Search query data is accessible in a side-by-side view. Rosetta’s Paid and Owned Media teams are already beginning to use this data in a number of different ways, including co-exposure testing, cannibalization analysis, and discovering new keyword/ad copy/meta description ideas.

Check out our full POV for additional insights, “Paid & Organic Reporting in Adwords.”

About the Authors

Stephen Pitts is a Director at Rosetta focused on owned media. Stephen’s 10+ years of online marketing experience has allowed him to develop a valuable understanding of search engines, local search, link development and content creation for maximum client exposure with integration in paid and earned media marketing.

Matt Wilkinson is the Paid Media Craft Lead at Rosetta and is responsible for driving and developing Rosetta’s Paid Media capabilities, including Paid Search, Paid Social and Display Advertising. Matt brings 7+ years of digital marketing experience and has overseen Paid Media campaigns for clients across a variety of verticals, including Retail, B2B and Financial Services.

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