It’s Not You, It’s Me: Telecoms Changing Relationship With Customers

Today’s consumers are accustomed to choice. We can buy one song instead of the whole album. When we need software that can help us accomplish a task, we can pick from millions of free or low-cost apps. And we can order any item from a wide range of online sites with just a single click. Now many consumers want to have that same level of flexibility in determining their phone contract details, their carrier and their handset. Some recent changes in the telecommunications sector business models, like the launch of Frequent Upgrade Plans by large carriers and new services from Zact, are making this a reality.

These shifts will create their own set of challenges and opportunities for device manufacturers and telco marketers. Most notably will be the need to constantly keep customers happy and engaged in a hypercompetitive landscape when it becomes easier to switch devices.

In my recently published article on the Wired Innovation Insights blog, I explain the implications for marketers in greater detail.

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