Rosetta Engagement Engine: Deeper Insights for a More Personalized Journey

At Rosetta, we firmly believe that true customer engagement is a one-on-one relationship that comes from knowing exactly what each customer wants and delivering contextually relevant experiences that address those desires. To that end, Rosetta recently launched an IBM-powered version of its Engagement Engine, which will enable organizations to deliver more engaging, personalized brand experiences across the entire customer journey.

The Rosetta Engagement Engine integrates customer data and interactions across all major touchpoints into a single framework to give organizations the power to meet the rising customer expectations of how brands should interact with them. Building on its collaboration with IBM, Rosetta is providing a comprehensive suite of IBM Commerce solutions within the Engagement Engine to give brands a deeper level of analytics that help them better understand their customers’ individual needs. This enables marketers to deliver a deeper level of relevant, targeted, and personalized experiences that engage customers across multiple channels and devices.

Rosetta Solution Now Includes IBM Commerce Solutions

As part of this launch, the Rosetta In-Store Customer Engagement (ICE) solution—which helps brands build deeper relationships with customers, recover missed sales, and provide new cross- and up-selling opportunities—has been expanded to include IBM Commerce solutions.

“The Rosetta Engagement Engine gives clients an unmatched ability to apply insights, personalization, and contextually relevant branded experiences across the entire customer journey at enterprise scale,” said John Mesberg, general manager, Offering Management & Strategy, IBM Commerce. “Leveraging IBM’s offerings to power the Engagement Engine will position Rosetta to work with our customers to connect the core pillars of data, intelligence, customer experiences, and optimization.”

New Solution Helps Drive Customer Engagement

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients wanting to partner with us to harness data and technology to drive engagement with their customers,” said Rosetta Chief Executive Officer Eric Healy. “The Engagement Engine creates the next generation of customer engagement—predicting the needs and desires of customers, sometimes before they even know themselves.”

Rosetta has the ability to extend customer engagement value to brands where high value omni-channel services can seamlessly connect in-store, call center, inventory visibility to the digital commerce as a full set of seamless touchpoints. Ensuring consistent, personalized interactions across the entire customer journey helps brands deliver a relevant experience that will drive deeper engagement.

For more facts and figures on the value of Customer Engagement, download the Rosetta Consulting white papers:

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