CES 2015: What All This Data Means for Marketers

Data, data everywhere. Wearables are tracking everything from heart rate and calories burned to changes in mood. Smart home devices know when you are home throughout the week, what you watch on TV and what time you go to bed.

So what does this type of data mean for marketers? How does it enhance the type of marketing or consumer behavior data we typically leverage for marketing purposes?

In today’s SlideShare summary of CES trends, we outline what we think are the most interesting insights about the new data that is becoming available through technology innovations, and we provide recommendations for how marketers should think about using it.

If you missed it, take a look at our Slideshare summary from day 1 – CES 2015: Changing How We Interact with Brands and day 2CES 2015: Top Trends in Digital Commerce.


View the Rosetta Consulting white papers “Customer Engagement from the Marketer’s Perspective” and “Customer Engagement from the Consumer’s Perspective.”

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