Rosetta Tech Talks: iBeacon™ and the Future of Retail Application Design

Rosetta Tech Talks: iBeacon and the Future of Retail Application Design

In today’s empowered age, when consumers are better connected than ever before, a new wave of technology is changing the marketing landscape. The introduction of iBeacon is making possible a vision that other technologies, such as RFID, have failed to deliver, including indoor navigation support, proximity marketing and contactless payment. This technology is here, now. It exists in your phone and at the retail shops you frequent. Understanding the transformational impact these developments are having on our world is critical for the marketer, the technologist and the consumer. 

On June 19th, Rosetta Tech Talks will present iBeacon and the Future of Retail Application Design, presented by two prominent thought leaders in this rapidly evolving field: Jonathan Morgan and Brandyn Brosemer

For those not familiar with iBeacon, it’s a technology branded by Apple that allows mobile devices to detect when they are near a small, wireless sensor. This sensor is referred to simply as a beacon. The beacon transmits data to the mobile device, and vice versa, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). iBeacon thus allows site-specific data to be transmitted within indoor environments, where GPS signals often have difficulty penetrating. 

The possibilities this technology brings to retailer marketers are limitless. iBeacon could manifest as indoor mapping or personalized welcome messaging upon entering a retail store. Deeper applications of the technology involve microtargeting of individual interaction with specific items. Imagine picking up a pair of pants from a rack. The retailer registers your proximity to the item, and suddenly your phone blinks with suggested alternative colors and sizing based on your known preferences. It then attempts to incentivize you with a discount, all with the goal of shortening the path from consideration to purchase. 

The promise of this new technology is exciting, but the responsibility to get it right is daunting. Other concepts with similar vision and scope have been rolled out before (think QR codes), but failed to gain traction among consumers. Each failure was typically due to a lack of consistency in the industry as to how it should be implemented and/or a flawed strategy as to how it should best serve the consumer. 

As Rosetta’s Paul Elliott puts it in his article in Ad Age: Delivering real value for shoppers takes a lot more than deploying a few beacons to deliver discount offers when a shopper enters a store. A retailer has to offer consumers a benefit chain that lasts beyond the beacon: sharable offers of value that cement a satisfying experience. The prescription for these offers is anchored in a sophisticated analysis of every shopper’s interests and needs, practical and emotional.”

iBeacon presents marketers and technologists the opportunity to engage consumers from a position of truly customer-centric thinking. The Rosetta-hosted Tech Talk on June 19th will present not only a demonstration of Rosetta’s expertise in this groundbreaking technology, but also the background research on consumer experience that Rosetta brings to bear.

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About the Presenters

Brandyn Brosemer, Manager | Software Engineer (Rosetta Marketing)

Brandyn began his professional career working with to deliver their political cartoons to mobile users via iOS and Android applications. Currently he works at Rosetta, where he manages the development and delivery of mobile technologies for various types of customer-engaging applications. Since its inception, Brandyn has been a recognized expert and thought leader in location- and beacon-centric content for mobile applications. 



Twitter: @bbrosemer

Jonathan Morgan, Experience Director (Rosetta Marketing)

Jonathan offers more than 15 years of strategic digital design experience to his clients. His advocacy for research-driven, user-centered design methodologies has helped define Rosetta’s solutions-focused approach to its clients’ challenges. Jonathan’s experience in emerging technology research and strategy has positioned him as a thought leader within Rosetta and the larger design and marketing communities. He regularly speaks publicly on the impact of emerging technology on brick and mortar retailers. Jonathan holds a Master of Science in User Experience Design.


Website: | 

Twitter: @promorock

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