Subconscious: The Agency of the Future

Fast forward to the year 2024. An agency called “Subconscious” has just been named agency of the year for its New Age methods and creation of a device called the Ring of Knowledge, or ROK for short.

For this agency, techniques such as autosuggestion and affirmations are believed to harness the power of the subconscious mind to influence a person’s life and real-world outcomes. The agency combines product learning and brand recognition, and takes it to another level by breaking down the layers of critical thought patterns to target the part of the brain that triggers human behavior. This method quickly becomes the main communications channel and is executed through the ROK device, worn on the index finger.

As ROK becomes mainstream, consumers no longer need a television set, a smartphone, a desktop phone, tablet, desktop computer or credit card. The ROK combines the functionality of all such devices: it projects a high-definition holographic image directly in front of the consumer in different sizes, ranging from personal to large formats. As the customer, you can wear the ROK at your leisure, taking it off and putting in on when you wish.

At the point of purchase, you, as the consumer, simply swipe your finger under an electronic scanner. The scanner registers your information and debits your bank or credit account. Subconscious then analyzes why you purchased those items, and the agency uses the data from your purchase to register your buying information. Subsequently, this data is translated into custom marketing efforts to retain brand loyalty. The technology Subconscious has created develops a timeline of buying habits, enabling a learning about products and brands that only you would benefit from.

Not only does this device focus on personalized brand experiences, it also has healthcare in mind. Since the ring is worn on your finger, it reads your body temperature and blood pressure and even monitors your heart rate. It then provides a report to insurance companies that is used to tailor your health plan based on whatever is necessary to maintain your overall health, whether it be exercise, meal plans or medicines you might need.

While the market as we know it today may initially be hesitant to adopt this type of interpersonal communication, it may not be too far off from where we’re headed. This method is derived from psychological research, with the goal of unlocking and activating human behavior to drive consumers to purchase or inquire about a product.

The idea of Subconscious may sound like something out of a sci-fi thriller, but in essence, its core function of breaking down the layers of critical thought patterns to trigger human behavior is one that marketers should embrace today. Marketing efforts should transform into dimensional ideas that are effective in maintaining customer loyalty. As such, the points of purchase are made simpler; less time is spent at cash registers, and communication is built around consumer needs.

This is the agency of the future. 

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