Is This “The New Normal”: Natural Search + Google = Not Provided

Google has silently been making all searches through their platform secure, thereby not providing keyword-level data to website owners: Basically, this data has been made invisible, or has it?

Google recently changed the landscape of reporting insights from Organic + Paid Media through the Google AdWords interface. Google has reinforced the value of this tool by limiting keyword data that is passed through to analytic platforms by normal means. This new reporting capability is now available with this new tool, making it one of the few ways to get to these details at the keyword level. Find out how Rosetta is addressing this change and obtaining this information to further our clients’ integrated digital marketing strategies and their execution.

Dive deeper into the details of the latest Google — Encrypted Search AdWords Update with our complete POV, click here.

About the Authors

Stephen Pitts is a Director at Rosetta focused on owned media. Stephen’s 10+ years of online marketing experience has allowed him to develop a valuable understanding of search engines, local search, link development and content creation for maximum client exposure with integration in paid and earned media marketing.

Liz Cancian is an analytics manager at Rosetta, working specifically with financial services and retail clients. Since joining Rosetta in 2010, she has broadened her knowledge of strategic measurement learning plans, Paid, Earned and Owned Media, and Technology (specific to analytic tool implementation).

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