The Initiate, Accelerate, Innovate Approach to Mobile Strategy

INITIATE mobile strategies by leveraging various content platforms based on the consumer, context and constraints.

Mobile cannot be an afterthought. It is a critical touch point for consumers and business organizations, and brands must agree on the importance and urgency of connected devices. Initiation of a mobile strategy should always begin with thinking about the basics: consumers, context and constraints.

Consumers – Who are your customers and who are you trying to reach?

Context – What is the use case in which the target will be engaging with the experience?

Constraints – What are the technical barriers and what mobile content platforms will be leveraged?

Mobile Web, mobile applications, SMS/MMS, NFC, campaigns, mobile coupons and geo-location are all very different and accomplish varied objectives within a mobile ecosystem. It is essential for brands to understand when and how to use each tactic. To create more value through mobile, brands must prioritize mobile, beginning with increasing their mobile budget in 2013.

ACCELERATE by evolving strategies based on consumer need and integrating them across the customer lifecycle.

Once brands have initiated activity within the mobile space, they must evolve their strategy alongside their customers to fully take advantage of mobile’s unique competencies,. To become market leaders within the mobile space, brands must identify key learnings from previous efforts and stay current with evolving consumer use cases.

The mobile medium is a powerful instrument for delivering contextually relevant experiences for consumers. Brands who successfully tackle today’s mobile variables will provide consumers with experiences that are unique, highly relevant and deeply personal.

Additionally, by identifying specific use cases within the customer journey, brands can integrate mobile touchpoints across the purchase cycle through a multiscreen strategy. Brands can leverage mobile to achieve meaningful engagement to directly influence the customer, whether at home, in-store or on-the-go.

INNOVATE to keep up with the pace of change and maintain market leadership.

As the mobile industry continues to develop, brands should focus on innovation and incremental improvement to stay ahead of competitors. Brands should invest in test-and-learn opportunities that result in an agile, iterative and emergent development process. By deploying market-first micro-strategies, brands are led to big insights and meaningful growth, as opposed to large-scale executions with a traditional approach.

Brands should also build a mobile center of excellence to govern and transfer knowledge to infuse best practices and cutting edge strategies across their organizations to achieve meaningful innovation.

Rosetta’s connected devices team measures client growth and plots mobile maturity across the Initiate, Accelerate, Innovate spectrum. This method enables the team to implement mobile strategy based on client readiness as well as current level of consumer engagement. Growth is visibly measured as a brand demonstrates incremental improvement, moving from stage to stage across the spectrum.

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