How to Monetize Your Customers With Mobile CRM

The ongoing shift of audiences from desktop to mobile has presented a new set of challenges for publishers and brands. How can publishers and brands monetize this fickle mobile audience while respecting the constraints and sensitivities of the channel?

Publishers and platforms such as Facebook have been carefully testing these waters by opting, initially, to largely ignore overt conventional monetization strategies. They have emphasized a “mobile first” or user-centric approach over quick-win monetization strategies with the hopes of developing a lasting and trusted relationship with their users.

By focusing on delivering clear user value in the short term, publishers and platforms benefit by earning goodwill and customer loyalty over the long term. Long-term value is measured in the depth and breadth of user data aggregated over time. This wealth of data serves two purposes: (1) to enable selective targeting of consumers with high-value and contextually relevant content while (2) increasing the overall brand value of those consumers.

A coherent and measured Mobile CRM strategy is core to the long-term success of any mobile initiative. Understanding the specific contexts, environments and nuances of your mobile consumer should be a first step.

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