Top 6 Takeaways from Advanced Local University

The expanding local search space is often confusing and untamable. It encompasses a variety of specialties, including SEO, paid media, social media, mobile, analytics, and relationship management. Despite these challenges, local search is relevant for every brick-and-mortar business, from mom-and-pop shops to industry-leading enterprise companies. Understanding the many nuances within the local search realm is the focus of Advanced Local University, a 2-day conference featuring a panel of the top minds in local search. Rosetta attended the conference in Baltimore to expand our local search expertise and help better position our enterprise-level clients for success in the local spaces they touch.

Here are our Top 6 takeaways:

1. Optimize for local search on your domain

Make sure store locator pages aren’t embedded too deep in your site hierarchy. Make sure they’re crawlable, functional, and include links to unique pages for every location.

2. Don’t forget about the brick-and-mortar that sell your product

How can we translate our enterprise-level expertise down to the property level? Analyze the local search space and see where additional work can be done outside of the enterprise domain or Google listings.

3. There’s WAY more than just Google+ Local

Build your presence locally for the sake of sales and audience. Don’t undervalue the power of referral traffic; attach your brand to big movers in the local space and ensure you’re maximizing your local presence across a variety of platforms. Get involved in the local online community and contribute content to help make your brand more visible.

4. Review management breeds trust in your business

Proper review management leads to visibility, credibility, and conversion. Integrate it into your business process in a natural and honest way.

5. Citations establish your online presence

Ensure your citations are accurate on sites like YellowPages, MapQuest, and City Search. It will help establish your business across the local ecosystem.

6. Local is Mobile

By 2015, it is estimated that more local searches will be performed on mobile devices than on desktop devices. Ensure that the mobile experience you deliver your customers is to-the-point and that your paid advertising caters to customers who want information “right here, right now.”

Advanced Local University provides a unique opportunity to learn about both the creative and systematic ways to ensure your business’s local search presence is best positioned, from large-scale local search ranking factors to grassroots content efforts. Expanding Rosetta’s local search offering allows us to engage customers at strategic touchpoints and build upon Rosetta’s distinctive multi-channel expertise.

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