Google Announces Enhanced Campaigns

Today’s announcement of Google’s “Enhanced Campaigns” as the next major evolution in their AdWords platform is critically important. Not only is AdWords Google’s primary revenue driver, but it is also the ad-serving platform for 80% of consumer search activity.

There is a delicate balance in this release between Google leading advertisers into a brave new world of touchscreen and mobile marketing. What will be perceived in the short-term as a revenue play will be transformational for the advertising community.

The main idea is that advertisers were overindexing for the actual device vs the user’s context. In this case, context is defined by various parameters that an advertiser can use to understand what a consumer is trying to accomplish, for example, device type, location, and time of day. We like the approach, but in the meantime, the way advertisers think about optimizing their PPC management campaigns is getting flipped on its head.

Even Google’s own best practices of setting up mobile- and tablet-only campaigns is no longer applicable. Desktop and tablet will be grouped together, and mobile bids will only be able to occur at the campaign level. This doesn’t change all the targeting capabilities, but it does change the level of granularity for search marketers’ optimization of their campaigns. A mobile-only viewpoint is no longer sustainable; you now must think about context of the user and ensure a positive experience under multiple parameters. It should be an exciting next few weeks and months as advertisers and marketers scramble to reorient themselves in this new system of “enhanced campaigns.”

Check out the official Rosetta POV for a detailed overview of Enhanced Campaigns and some initial thoughts regarding impact it may have on paid, earned and owned media strategies.

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