2013 Content Strategy Trends: Series Recap

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve published a series of blog posts at iMedia Connection about some of the key content strategies to watch for in 2013.

My first post in the series, Adaptive Web Design, made the point that providing important messaging in in multiple formats (white paper, slide show, infographic, audio and video) has multiple benefits for both clients and their buyers. By utilizing appropriate vehicles and channels to deliver content, its consumption can be based on the user’s device, attention level and physical environment.

My second post, Video Everywhere, addressed the importance of testing the addition of more relevant video content in the Buyer’s Journey and other key site areas to provide awareness, educate and accelerate movement through purchase funnels.

My third and final post, published today on Addictive Social/Collaborative Curation, addresses the need to incorporate multiple voices into content marketing strategy.

As site owners embark on the choppy waves of the emergent, multiplatform sea, creating and implementing an effective Content Strategy is absolutely imperative. Aside from renovating broken-down sites or leaping into adaptive-design-driven modular content paradigms, there’s also content targeting, new technology and more to consider. We live in interesting times.

Enjoy this series of posts. As always, I look forward to your comments and questions.

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