One Adobe… One Rosetta

Adobe’s new rallying cry “One Adobe” offers an important evolution point for the market, Rosetta, and our clients. From March 21–23, Adobe will be holding a Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City. Marketers from all over the country will be attending to learn more about Adobe’s end-to-end solution. Rosetta is proud to be a sponsor of the summit.

For background, in August of 2011, Adobe decided to reorganize and focus on the digital marketing and enterprise solution arena. What does this mean? Adobe is aggregating its products to focus on the “One Adobe” solution, which now offers marketers a full end-to-end marketing solution that includes media, user engagement, personalization, analytics, testing optimization, and social media sentiment. This can now be accomplished with one technology vendor—Adobe. No other technology vendor can make this claim. In addition, when you apply Rosetta’s breadth of digital marketing competencies, including our deep technology delivery capabilities (with over 400 technologists across North America), you can have a truly complete “One Adobe” solution, meeting your end-to-end marketing requirements while achieving measurable and sustainable business results.

For more information, please visit this link:

Please let us know if you are planning on attending the summit. We would love to connect with you there. You can reach out to Judy Thaxton-Borlin to schedule time with one of our Adobe Marketing experts.

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